Posted by Oskar Ekman

At the seminar for Digitalisation of the Energy sector during Almedalsveckan in Gotland, Sweden, discussions and presentations were opened on topics focusing on what the future of the energy sector will look like. Digitalisation has changed many sectors in the past, and now is the turn of the energy sector. Digitalisation not only allows new players to enter the market, but also enables the development and implementation of products that disrupt the traditional roles of the parties.

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During the seminar, we had the opportunity to stand in front of colleagues, policy makers and others interested and present the Fortum Virtual Power Plant (VPP). With the VPP and digitalisation, we can make households more active on the electricity network by remotely offering household loads to balance the intermittency of renewables, without disturbing the comfort of the homes.

Read more about the Virtual Power Plant product and the Finnish pilot: 

We are currently operating the world’s first commercial pilot of a concept of this type, together with the Finnish Transmission System Operator Fingrid. In order to let more households become active and to be a part of the digitalisation of the energy sector, we are now moving forward with commercialization in Finland and expansion through upcoming pilots in Sweden.

With the Virtual Power Plant, we can combine the energy sector, digitalisation and the growing demand for balancing power due to an ever increasing rate of solar and wind power penetrating the electricity markets. As emphasized during the seminar, digitalisation enables us all to become an active part of building a greener and more sustainable future.

Oskar Ekman, Project Manager, R&D at Fortum



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